Yearbook Orders: Yearbooks can be ordered online for $20. To order yearbooks, go to and use code 1344620.

Kajeet SmartSpot Wi-Fi Devices: If you do not have reliable internet service at home, you may fill out an application to be considered for a portable Wi-Fi hotspot device that provides Internet access wherever there is cellular coverage. These devices are intended to help students complete work at home and for parents to check student grades and keep up with school activities. Please see a School Counselor for an application.

Box Tops for Education: Big changes have been made to Box Tops for Education this year! Through the boxtop for education program, the LES PTA has raised over $1,000 to support the school. With the app, you’ll be able to scan participating items to earn money for the school. To signup and download the app, please visit

Student Arrival: 7:50 – Parents may drop off students in main lobby. Prior to 7:50, parents are to remain with their student(s) and provide supervision. Unsupervised drop off will not be allowed before 7:50. This ensures all students are safe until our security staff arrives at 7:50. 7:55 – Students are released from buses and are allowed to go to classes.

Stay Connected: VBCPS offers a one-stop parent connection resource center to stay in the know when it comes to your child’s education. Click here to get connected today.

Visitor Management Tracking System: As part of our efforts to provide the safest learning and working environment possible, the school division has a technology-based visitor management system that will allow for instant identity verification, the printing of destination-specific name badges, and a review against a national offender database. Any person wishing to access a school building beyond the security desk will be asked to present a valid driver’s license or military ID. Once the ID is scanned and the information is processed, a temporary badge will be generated with the visitor’s name, time of entry, and desired destination. All information scanned into the system will be considered confidential and will not be distributed to third-party vendors. Please know our number one priority is student and staff safety.

Volunteer: There are many ways to get involved to ensure our students have a successful school year. To get involved and volunteer, complete the attached form and send it to school with your student or drop it off in the main office. Your consideration is greatly appreciated. Request to Volunteer

Securly Parent Portal: Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) works tirelessly to ensure students are as safe as possible when using school-issued devices and accessing the internet. This school year, after having a successful field test at several schools, VBCPS will offer parents an option to monitor how their children are using their school-issued devices with a program called Securly Parent Portal. Securly Parent Portal was designed to help keep students safe by allowing parents to monitor their online activity. Toward the end of September, you will receive more information from the school division as well as an email from providing instructions on how to sign up for or opt out of weekly emails that include a preview of your child’s online activity.

Being Absent: To maintain high attendance, please review the School Division Calendar. Additionally, review the Virginia Beach City Public Schools Student Code of Conduct with your child to ensure not only a safe school, but also to avoid possible disciplinary action that could result in absences. When parents are aware that students must miss school for travel and/or reasons other than illness, a prior approval is necessary. When our Dolphins are absent or late for school, they are missed. We understand that absences and tardies to school happen and are often unavoidable. At LES we require parents to provide absent and tardy notes when a child misses school. If your Dolphin misses school, you can report the absence in the following ways: A handwritten note to your child’s teacher, A phone call to Ms. Vollmer in the main office (648-2880), or an email to Ms. Vollmer explaining the reason for the absence. Dolphins who have excessive absences or tardies will be referred to the school’s social worker for further investigation and intervention.