Beginning of the Year

Welcome Back!
We are excited to welcome you back to another school year whether you chose Option 1 or Option 2.  Visit the Parent Lounge to get the most up to date information about our school and our return to school.

Arrival and Departure
Information on our arrival and departure can be found on our Parent Lounge site under the Back to School tab.  Check often for updates.

Chromebook Quick Fixes
If you are experiencing issues with your child's Chromebook, please watch this video on simple solutions.

 Mrs. Jones has been chosen as our Teacher Assistant of the Year!  Congratulations Mrs. Jones!

Monday Remediation Time Starting on January 11th, teachers will begin pulling
students for remediation groups. These groups will target specific students and skills.
Some groups will have live instruction, while other groups will be given specific tasks to
complete during the day. Teachers will be reaching out to their individual classes to
discuss their expectations for Monday’s remediation time.