Our School

Landstown Elementary, "Home of the Dolphins" is one of the largest elementary schools in Virginia Beach. The neighborhoods served by the school are Buckner Farms, Buckner Woods, Cameron Crossing, Dam Neck Cove, Rock Creek, Green Run, Landstown Lakes, Pelican Watch and Salem Village. The school is a two-story building that was built in 1993 equipped with state-of-the-art materials and technology. Through the years, the school's enrollment has continued to steadily rise as a result of the many homes built in the area. 

Landstown Elementary first opened its doors in 1993.  Landstown is a unique physical structure in that it is the only school that is conjoined with a middle school.  The two schools share one cafeteria that serves both the elementary and middle school students breakfast and lunch.  

Landstown Elementary is known for its strong instructional program and extensive involvement in innovative technology practices. It also has an expansive PTA involvement which offers support in all school programs. Landstown Elementary shares a rich heritage of pride and achievement with the Princess Anne area.